Nearly all file hosting sites use time counter if any non premier user tries to download a file. It really feels an itch in the nose to wait for downloading until the counter is completed. There comes the “Download Helper”, Opera’s extension that gets you rid of such situation. This extension supports several file hosting sites such as Mediafire, Rapidshare, mega upload, Hotfiles etc.
Once installed, open any files hosting site from where you have to download the file i.e. and see how it helps you.

Let’s take a look at how it works on different sites.

  • starts download automatically after time ends.
  • automatically start free download and neglect the counter.
  • pop-up a window to get captcha code and download link will appear without waiting.
  • automatically start downloading.
Download Helper supports additional Georgian file hosts
  •,,,,, Reset time and you can download file instantly.
  • Automatically start download and neglect the counter
Please take note that add-ons only work in Opera 11. If you really want to get rid of these worries then try this.


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