Mostly it happens that you come across an interesting article, headline but you don’t have the time to read.  In such situation, you book mark the web and then comeback to read it later. What if your bookmark list goes everywhere, access your bookmarks at non-Firefox browsers, at multiple computers and other devices i.e. iphones, mobiles, android etc.
Here comes the Firefox add-on named “Read It Later” that really solves this problem. After installation, you can see its icon at the address bar. 

Now, let’s take a look at what features it offers you.

One Click Saving

Read It Later is very easy to use. You can add a page to your list by clicking on the icon. Just click the icon and current page will be added to list. You can view the list by clicking on the “Read It Later” icon placed at right corner. It will display a pop up menu containing your list.

This pop up allows you to view the page in Text Mode, edit the page title, and mark it as “Read”, search and sort the list.

Offline Reading

“Read It Later” let you download your pages so that you will still be able to access your pages even if you have no internet connectivity.

To download pages, just click the arrow in the pop up menu given above and a pop up will be displayed where you can select whether you want to download web view or text view of the page.

Stay in Sync

The best part about Read It Later is that your list goes everywhere. You can access your list from multiple computers. Read It Later even remembers your position in each article, so you can start reading on your computer, get up, grab your phone and pick up exactly where you left off.

Google Reader Integration

“Read It Later” is also integrated with Google Reader. If you use Google Reader then you will find “Read It Later” icon which enables you to add stories to your list.

Text View
If you want to view articles in text-only mode  then “Read It Later” can extract the page contents and present them in a more readable and consistent way.
To do this, click on the “Read It Later” icon and click the “T” displayed after the page title

Click to Save Mode

By using this feature, you can save multiple pages or links to your list. To do it, you, press the ALT+M and “Click to Save” mode will be activated. Now each link that you click will be red marked instead of opening the link and automatically added to your list. By default it is deactivated.

Bookmark or Share when done

When you are done reading, you can share your pages on any number of popular bookmarking services (including just regular old Firefox bookmarks)

Save All Tabs for Later
If you want to save all the tabs for later use then simple right click the tab-bar and select “Save All Tabs for Later” and each page will be added to your list.

Firefox: Download Here
Chrome: Download Here


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